Happy Hour with Chemo

Focus on Happy Hour


Our lives changed on March 16, 2020, and it was more than Covid. Our tough, hardworking, hilarious, single mom, business owner and dedicated friend needed help. She was always the one offering the help and for the first time, she needed help. I know we rehash the events of that week, but in so many ways our lives halted abruptly, and we all created a new plan and yes, in the background was this pandemic.

As a friend, you wonder how you can help. With Leighann, I knew she needed more help than she would ask for. Most of the time I was left to guessing what might help. I so badly wanted to drive her to the treatments, but she was determined to plan them exactly, so she could get home before the sickness set in. I reminded myself that she wants to do things her way and I needed to honor that.

Between the altered immune system and Covid, it was really difficult to see each other in person. I will always remember the afternoon that we had our first “Happy Hour” after her recovery on the patio of our neighborhood favorite restaurant. What a gift to sip wine, eat appetizers and laugh once again in person! What a treat to see her son outside and enjoying life despite what we had all been through and the pandemic.

It’s been almost three years since that crazy week in March, and we are so grateful for Leighann’s health. I don’t’ ever want us to get so busy again that we forget to focus on the things that matter – health, family, friends and yes, Happy Hour!