Janelle Duran

Chemo Starts on April 1, No Fooling


“It doesn’t look good”… That’s what the radiologist said after the biopsy.  She was leaning over me; her face was inches from mine.  She was very serious but spoke gently. I smiled and thought, “There’s still hope. It could be benign.” Unfortunately, all the optimism in the world couldn’t change the truth. I had breast cancer. 

On the positive side (again optimism) my breast cancer was stage 1.  The weeks between the biopsy results and surgery were truly the hardest. I just wanted it out of me. After several more appointments, a month later my anxiety was somewhat relieved; surgery removed the tumor & a port was placed for my treatment. Yes, that treatment, including chemo, started on April 1st. I wished they were fooling! That’s how it began.