Lisa Harris

Art Changes Everything


Art Changes Everything. That is a powerful statement. A single piece of artwork has the ability to inspire and educate; influence and entertain. Introducing a new piece of art into a private home or public space affects all those who are blessed by its presence. In your home, your art will invoke a personal feeling each time you sit in a room or walk down a hallway. It may remind you of a joyful time, a special place, a memory current or past, travels near and far. It may include your favorite colors and coordinate with your most comfortable chair, where you read and relax. At a physician’s office, you may be seated in a waiting or exam room among serene art in calming colors, whose abstract visions relieve some of your stress and anxiety. Art has that ability. It transforms a room into a harmonious space, allowing each of us to interpret its meaning and enjoy its beauty in our own way.

At CREO, we live and breathe the power of art every day. Our motivation to bring affordable art into everyone’s lives has taken on a real purpose with social action. Art expression belongs to everyone; it can create a community and build a village. It can bring us together for a single purpose. CREO FOR CANCER is that purpose, that will allow us to collectively support people dealing with cancer, while sharing our love for the beauty of art.