Our nonprofit, Creo for Cancer, is honored to partner with Phoenix Children’s Foundation in our efforts to help the many cancer patients in need of support. We are also proud to work with Stepping Stones of Hope, a local nonprofit that hosts grief camps for kids, teens, and families. Check out our Creo Calendar page for upcoming events to help support Creo and all of our amazing partners. 

Depending on the art piece, 25% – 45% of the proceeds from Creo Art sales funds our non-profit, “Creo for Cancer” which provides support for cancer patients who are in need of financial assistance. 


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Featured Artist

Brian Gillespie
Brian Gillespie

Brian Gillespie is a contemporary American artist, born in Chicago, IL. For over 20 years, he has pushed the boundaries of figurative painting with his bold, emotive work. His paintings have been featured in galleries across the country; Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, MPLS and San Francisco. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Kansas. Brian currently has an active painting studio in Scottsdale, AZ.


My work consists of acrylic and mixed media paintings, focusing on figure study. I am constantly exploring the balance and contrast between realistic representation and abstraction. In this study, I aim to showcase the beauty, strength and irony in various cultural interpretations of the human form.

Portrait of Bellona II by Brian Gillespie

“Bellona II”

Bellona III by Brian Gillespie

“Bellona III”

Bellona IV

“Bellona IV”

Bellona V

“Bellona V”